Here is a look at some of the initial ideas, brainstorming, and possible outlines that I developed on the road to making a decision on what topic to focus my thesis.

Initial Idea #1

Title: New Age Pirates and Online Piracy (Music, Software, Movies)
-An examination of online piracy in the North Central Texas Area (Denton, Dallas, Fort Worth).
-Survey (anonymous given to students)
-Online Survey (given to everyone)

Interviews with:
-Students (Pirates, Non-Pirates)
-Artist/Developers (Big-Time Companies, Small-Time Companies, Professionals, Individuals.
-University Anti-Piracy Officials (Techs, Administrators)
-University Professionals (Media & Technology, Information Systems)
*-Do they see the trend continuing?
*-What would be the effect and result on industries long-term?
-Student Artists (Music majors, software developers, media/film)
*-What they think will happen.
*-What effect could it have on them?


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